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Herrings, Drifters and the Prunier Trophy

Herrings, Drifters and the Prunier Trophy

Aspects of the vanished herring fishing industry at Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Southwold

In past times, the East Anglian autumn herring fishing season saw a great gathering of Scottish and English herring drifters working the North Sea fishing grounds from the ports of Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Southwold.

Herrings, Drifters and the Prunier Trophy is a most comprehensive portrait of the herring industry at the three ports and the only book currently available featuring the history of the famous Prunier Herring Trophy competition, a well known focal point of the herring fishing at Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft from 1936 until 1966. Each year of the Prunier Trophy competition is reviewed in the book with full details of each season, the drifter involved, and details of the catch.

In addition to a large selection of English drifters, this detailed portrait of the fishery features a great many Scottish drifters including Aberdeen, Banff, Buckie, Kirkcaldy, Leith, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Wick, Inverness, Stornoway, and Lerwick registered vessels.

Pages128 (124 + 4 cover)
Photos218 (30 colour, 188 mono)
Dimensions8.25" x 10" (210mm x 265mm)
Series NumberBook 15

Herrings, Drifters and the Prunier Trophy can be ordered direct from Coastal Publications and is available from any good bookshop.

YH927 Ma Freen
YH927 Ma Freen leaves Yarmouth

Net drying
Net drying at Lowestoft.

Southwold during the herring season.

FR156 Stephens
FR156 Stephens was the joint winner of the 1956 Prunier Trophy.

Skipper Williamson
Skipper Williamson and crew receiving the Prunier Trophy.